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Blockchain – one of the factors that make bitcoin successful is becoming the most popular platform technology lately. It is expected that the blockchain will go beyond financial boundaries and apply to many areas of life. The most notable is the blockchain application to agriculture.

The Blockchain 3.0 CSE platform is being talked about recently, with its super-fast, super-fast transactional technology platform that addresses the limitations of Blockchain 1.0 & 2.0 Technology, the addition of new technologies. very good. So what does this platform have to do with the positive impact on agriculture?

Support traceability.

First of all, blockchain 3.0 solves the problem of validating information. Specifically, the blockchain 3.0 system records all transactions that take place and everyone present on the system is seen and has the right to verify the accuracy of that transaction. This solves a very important issue in the purchase of agricultural products in particular and consumer goods in general – that is the trust in product quality. With blockchain 3.0 CSE technology, this problem is resolved thoroughly. Information of the product sold is always saved in the most detailed process that allows customers to know from the source, to the carrier, the supplier …

Besides, the information on blockchain 3.0 is designed to be almost unchangeable and needs to be validated by all nodes (users) in the system so the credibility of the information is recorded almost is absolute. This not only stimulates the agricultural production of quality standards, but also helps consumers to use to stimulate sales.

Financial instruments.

The use of blockchain 3.0 CSE as a financial instrument in agriculture offers tremendous benefits. The blockchain 3.0 platform allows for automated operations, which minimizes costs from manual operations that are no longer needed. In addition, the blockchain platform 3.0 and above supports the “Smart Contract 2.0” feature – smart contracts can be used in many cases, reducing errors during the process. Eliminating intermediaries, the agriculture sector will generally save a lot of money for expansion.

Smart Contract 2.0 also avoids risks and ensures farmers’ rights. Trading is easy between producers, distributors and sellers. Full or partial contract payments can be made immediately through the confirmation and execution guarantee of the blockchain 3.0 CSE system. This would also allow farmers to be paid in full without breach of contract or coercion by the business.

Increase the export value of agricultural products.

The fact that the import and export is quite complicated due to many procedures with many intermediate stages. Payments often use common foreign currencies such as the US dollar leading to the possibility of many uncertainties. As a result, transaction costs in import and export now amount to 15% to 20%. This results in both importers and exporters having to rebalance prices in other stages such as production and processing.

The application of blockchain 3.0 as well as Smart Contract 2.0 in particular opens a new future for the import and export of agricultural products. With features that allow the creation of trust in transactions between strangers, Blockchain 3.0 eliminates the need for intermediaries, complex procedures that take time, effort and money. All transactions can be done quickly and easily with high accuracy. The blockchain 3.0 system ensures almost complete payment is made without breach of contract.

The future of blockchain 3.0 in Agriculture


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